dimecres, 29 d’abril de 2015


Congratulations people, we are ending our English project.
Now it's time to enjoy watching and talking about all the productions. 

Almost every tale has a little part of your job.

You can watch and work with the tales, and it will be a fantastic idea to meet and share our opinions, feelings and experiences.

  • How can we do it?

It will be a good idea to meet virtually using GOOGLE HANGOUT.

  • When? May the 20th al 10 o'clock.

You will receive an invitation the same day some minutes before. 

You must prepare a computer wih webcam amb speakers and a good internet connection.

This way it will be usefull to see each other at the same moment.

dimecres, 8 d’abril de 2015


Good job again.
We are finishing the English Tales.
Now you must do the assembly. You can use different programs as movie maker or similar.
Be aware!!!!!To paste on the blog you need and embed.
Good luck, this will be the most difficult part.